About Us (History)

In 1996, after a productive career on Wall Street, Patrick Walsh teamed
up with childhood friend and Grammy Award-nominated musician
Danny Lavery to record hip songs for children. After teaming up
with Lavery, Walsh started on the road to developing his own unique
kid-friendly property, The Cool Beans. Walsh ultimately left his career
in business behind him for a life in the film industry.

In 1998, Walsh began appearing as a stunt man and as an actor in both TV and film—most notably in The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow and I Heart Huckabees. Walsh took every spare moment to absorb all he could from actors, producers and directors, and it is this expertise he acquired while on set that has provided him with the essential knowledge required to execute the successful production of a feature film.

Walsh formed Walsh Family Media LLC in 2002 with an emphasis on creating family friendly creative content and developing intellectual properties that promote healthy responsible lifestyles for children.  Walsh Family Media is currently in production of their first full length feature film “The Cool Beans: We Need a Hit,” as well as continuing to develop and create other unique intellectual properties that encourage kids to be healthy, fit and creative. Additional spin offs and ancillaries such as “Cooking with Sally Sue Shenanigans” and the “Kiss Up Industries” clothing line for girls have established Walsh Family Media as an emerging leader in hip and fun family entertainment.



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