We Need A Hit (2011)

The Cool Beans are at it again in their first ever full length feature film. In this exciting new adventure, The Cool Beans have spent all they have producing their first song in hopes of landing a recording contract with the Kernel, the biggest man in the music business. The Bean's song (tape) is stolen by rival band, The Bad Seedz who are hoping to land a contract of their own. The Seedz feel that taking the Beans "out of the game" will increase their chances significantly. The Kernel is having problems of his own. Sammy "The Wing" Crowbano and a few of the "boyz" from CROWSTREET are looking to collect with extreme interest on a KAZOO DEAL they funded that went SOUTH. Can the Kernel turn to his trusty assistants, "The Kiss Ups" to help him out of this one? Will the Bad Seedz outmaneuver the Beans for the coveted recording contract? How much TIME will Sammy and the Boyz give the Kernel to come up with the clams? Find out all this and more when The Cool Beans, "We Need a Hit!" arrives in theaters near you soon. Find out the exact date at the conclusion of Pat Walsh's historic tricycle ride for charity on 10.10.2009.

Runtime: 90 minutes

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